Glastonbury 1 day retreat 17th August 2024

I am delighted to announce that early bird spaces are now available for my one day retreat in Glastonbury aka Isle of Avalon. This is an amazing opportunity to retreat in Glastonbury with myself and Thalia. We are keeping this retreat small with only 12 spaces in total, and a maximum of 6 of those will be early birds!!

There will be gentle yogic movement and breathing, gong and sound baths, laughter and joy, meditation, visualisation, yoga nidra and time to spend in Glastonbury heart chakra of the earth. Connection with self, the land and like-minded new friends. For full info and to book please visit

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As the pace of life accelerates, and we juggle the demands of work, family, and social obligations, finding time for relaxation and rejuvenation is increasingly important. One innovative solution is Gong Bath Meditation, an immersive experience offered by London Gong that has been helping to de-stress London for over 9 years.

Gong Bath Meditation is a unique form of sound therapy that harnesses the power of gongs to create a therapeutic and deeply relaxing atmosphere. During a session, participants lie down and let the sounds of the gong wash over them, hence the term ‘gong bath’. The purpose is to bring about healing and relaxation. The sounds of the gong stimulate the alpha and theta brainwaves associated with deep meditative and peaceful states, and also stimulate the delta waves, which are associated with deep sleep and healing.

London Gong offers regular Gong Bath Meditation sessions that are open to the public. The next public session is scheduled for Saturday 4th November at London Angel, starting at 6.45pm and our London public sessions are usually on the first and third Saturday each month. Participants are advised to bring a blanket and a cushion for comfort, but no other special equipment or clothing is necessary. All are welcome, no previous experience is required.

In addition to public sessions, London Gong also offers private group sessions and retreats. These can be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the group, offering a more personalised experience. Whether you’re looking for a unique team-building activity, a relaxing retreat, or a special celebration, Gong Bath Meditation could be the perfect solution.

Booking a Gong Bath Meditation session with London Gong is straightforward. Simply visit

to reserve your place. You can also find more information about the sessions and London Gong on their official website at

. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a private group booking, you can contact Odette at or call her on 07387 563 902.

We invite you to experience the deep relaxation and rejuvenation of Gong Bath Meditation with London Gong. Book your session now and start your journey towards a more peaceful and balanced life.

London gong are also offering regular sessions in Glastonbury Somerset on adhoc dates. Please visit our calendar for dates, info and booking at

Life in Glastonbury, the earths heart chakra.

Update 2024. Glastonbury gong baths are at least fortnightlyISH and sometimes weekly. Click on the link to Gong and Sound baths in Glastonbury calendar and bookings.

I now live the best life I can spending my time between London and Glastonbury (my spiritual home) in Somerset. I moved to Glastonbury in Somerset last year in 2022, a town that I have been visiting for 25+ years but I had no intentions of moving here!! yet here I am!! A story for another time.

I am now based in both London and Glastonbury as I visit London frequently to visit family and run my public and corporate gong baths and laughter yoga events. I love to spend time with my mum who will be 90 this year! a mum who shares many of my spiritual interests. In September this year, my mum and I will be attending a week long shamanic course at the Arthur Findlay College. If you read my bio, you will see I have trained in advanced shamanic pathways at Caer Corhrain Shamanic centre in Kent. I am personally very drawn to the shamanic path and you can journey with the gong as you can with the drum.

I love how the gong is open to all, a non denominational practice which almost everyone can benefit from regardless of their beliefs. The therapeutic instruments help you to relax deeply and therefore feel less stressed, almost like a reset for mind, body and soul. You can read more about What is a Gong Bath ? by clicking on the link. I would suggest you have a read up on my reviews too.

I have been blessed to arrive here in Glastonbury at a time in my life where I have been able to literally press the pause button and enjoy feeling my way in to my new life, in to the land in a new town without the need to worry too much about working apart from maintaining my existing gong baths in London Angel which have been mostly filling up effortlessly. I thank the universe for aiding me with this transition.

This little town is very much waking up from the winter with more people visiting. I feel it is time to look for a venue so that I can offer my work here in my new town. It has been a wonderful to experience the turning of the wheel, the changing of the seasons. I arrived just in time for Autumn equinox, felt the wind-down to the winter, and the waking up to the Spring. We are very much in tune here with the seasons which are celebrated and there is a deep appreciation for the land from wassailing in the apple orchards to the various celtic festivals which align with the changing seasons.

I am now available for private retreats in Glastonbury so feel free to be in contact to book me for any retreats you are holding in Glastonbury.

I am still personally facilitating sessions in London, usually on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month and I also work with other very highly experienced gong masters and facilitators for private and corporate wellbeing events when I am in Glastonbury.

I may write more about my journey that had me land in Glastonbury also known as the Isle of Avalon. A town steeped in myth, magic and legends.

Here this is a very important part of my own journey allowing me to grow both spiritually and creatively as I find myself attending many events and exploring new creative pursuits. Living in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city is deeply nurturing for me in every way possible and definitely what my soul has been yearning for.

Update… And now as I pick up where I left off on this yet to be published post, We are mid June, it feels like Summer here in Glastonbury and I am very excited to soon be offering public gong baths and sound journeys in Glastonbury. I will be at the beautiful Avalon room upstairs in The Courtyard on the High Street next door to the beautiful goddess temple. You can catch me there on Thursday evenings with a choice of an early or late evening gong bath. I will also be offering a laughter yoga session for the early slot on the last Thursday in the month. For full info and bookings please visit

If you are visiting Glastonbury, I also organise occasional social walks in the town which usually finish off with a refreshment stop in the town. More info at

See you soon either in London Angel on a Saturday or Glastonbury on a Thursday.

Gong bath meditation in London Angel Islington

Last year we moved our public gong bath events from Camden town to Angel Islington. WE have settled in and love our new venue. We are literally across the road from the tube and it is a lot quieter than Camden. 

We have our regular slot on the first and third Saturday each month.  Usually a 75 minute gong bath starting at 6.45pm.  We occasionally hold longer events including shamanic drum journeys.  To be in the loop it is best to join our mailing list  All our bookings are via our booking site where you can see our current events.  Our gong bath calendar can be accessed via our website at or via
We are still very active in London with our corporate gong baths and private events. 

6 Week Meditation and Joyful Wellbeing Course starts May 2022

I am delighted to be offering this brand new meditation and wellbeing course which is massively needed and perfect for current challenging times. Ideal for anyone feeling over stressed, anxious, unmotivated, depressed, lacking social connection.

Firstly it is in-person as we desperately need the real physical and social connection with one another. I for one am somewhat zoomed out and I am sure you are too. Online is here to stay as the world has changed and it has opened up many opportunities for lots of people to access courses and events but it is not the same and we really do need to connect and bond in-person as much as we possibly can. That said I will be offering a similar course online in the future for those who otherwise would not have access to this course.

Meet new like-minded friends. There will be a real social bonding element to this course.

Tech Free Space. We will be taking a complete break from Tech. No computer screens just real people in the flesh.

Meditation and Mindfulness. You will learn and experience various meditations including guided and visualisation during the course. You will learn how to embrace meditation into your daily lives. It is with daily practice that the real magic happens, real shift begins. We will be focusing very much on creating new healthy habits during the 6 week course so that when we finish, you can continue the practice.

Laughter, Joy and FUN. Life can be so very serious at times, so much so that we can even forgot how to laugh and become disconnected from our inner Joy. This course addresses this BIG TIME. There will be a FUN and playful element.

Happiness and Positivity. We will incorporate new practices including keeping a daily gratitude diary! Did you know there are many proven health benefits from a regular gratitude practice. Gratitude is simply taking time to think about all the positive things in your life. Rather than ruminating on the negatives. During the 6 weeks, participants will be encouraged to keep a daily gratitude diary or journal. Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools for increasing happiness. Research shows it is the single most powerful method of increasing happiness.

There are numerous benefits to many of these practices that we will be working with.

After this 6 week course you will be able to continue with the new practices at home with an option to refresh with us at a retreat day or further group sessions.

For full info and to book please visit my booking page. Feel free to contact Odette if you have any questions at all.

Facilitator credentials

Meditation and Mindfulness Teachers Cert ( Dr Itai Ivtzan 20014)

Happiness Facilitator (Museum of Happiness 2019)

Laughter Yoga Teacher and Trainer (Laughter Yoga International Cert 2015)

Gong Meditation Training (2014 onwards)

Odette has also trained extensively in other therapeutic practices including Reiki Master and Shamanic practices.

Shamanic Drum and Gong Bath London Camden

I am delighted to announce my new Shamanic Drum and Gong bath. The first one will be on Saturday 26th March 2022 in London Camden Town. 🙏💗 Book here

Some years ago I completed advanced shamanic pathways training which was an incredible journey and training with my teachers at Caer Corhrain. The training was set over a 6 month period with 5 full weekend sessions at the Shamanic Centre in Kent. This was a deep learning experience and at times even painful as the layers were stripped like the pealing of an onion. We learnt so much from crafting our own medicine tools including one of the rattles I often have at my sound baths. Click through to check it out, perhaps you feel the calling too!

I have felt a deep calling from both the Drum and Gong. For years I have worked more with the gong and not really answered the call of the drum although I am noticing how I am gradually being drawn to pick her up more and more during my gong baths. I used to start with a little heartbeat with my drum and now I find myself tempted to keep hold of her for much longer and more recently even some more in the middle and even towards the end of the gong and sound meditation. No more holding back, she is coming out to play, to journey, to aid healing and more.

I’m ready , are you 🙏💗 Join me on Saturday 26th March in Camden town, home of London Gong. More dates and times will follow. I will also have guest drummers joining me. First shamanic inspired Drum and Gong bath Saturday 26th March 6.30pm to 7.45pm. book now at There will be more shamanic inspired events in the following months.

For our full Calendar of events please visit

Gong bath meditation in Bushey near Stanmore Watford and Elstree Borehamwood

I am delighted to be offering more gong bath meditation in my local area in Bushey Heath Hertfordshire which is next door to Stanmore in NW London.

Click for our Gong bath Bushey and London Calendar at

I have just secured a fabulous space for our soothing Sunday gong bath in Bushey Heath. To start this will be a monthly offering with the first dates as follow: I can’t imagine a better way to end a long week. This will definitely help you to be refreshed and re-energised for the week ahead. A soothing experience for mind, body and soul! Also we are on Fridays once or twice a month on the High Road in Bushey Heath at St Andrews Church Hall.

Gong bath meditation in Bushey Heath on Sunday 27th Feb 2022 at 5pm

Gong bath meditation in Bushey Heath Sunday 27th March

Gong bath meditation in Bushey Heath Sunday 24th April

Gong bath meditation in Bushey Heath Sunday 22nd May

This is in addition to our Gong Baths Meditation in Bushey Heath on a Friday in Bushey High Street however there may be some changes to our future timetable. See our Gong Calendar or Friday Gong Baths in Bushey Heath at

To be in the loop for all our events with an opportunity to receive notifications when bookings are open please register for our newsletter at

We are really well placed for those travelling by car from NW London Stanmore, Edgware, Barnet, Harrow, Watford, Radlett,and other Hertfordshire suburbs including Elstree, Borehamwood, Watford, Bushey Heath and of course Bushey

Odette has been playing gongs for 8 years and trained with the very best teachers worldwide. She has been working with other holistic therapies for well over a decade. Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, laughter yoga teacher, Reiki master and Happiness facilitator. A fully insured professional. She works with both members of the public with her public events and privately with organisations from all sectors including worldwide corporations.

Gong to help you sleep mp3 available now.

I recently created a gong meditation recording with the specific aim to help people to fall asleep. This happened purely by chance as I recorded it initially to help my elderly mum fall asleep despite her aches and pains. It worked a treat!! Both my elderly parents, 88 and 97 years young have been enjoying drifting off to sleep or even just relaxing when they need to with my recording.

If you have problems falling asleep or perhaps you have a very busy mind then this might be exactly what you need. It helps if you like gong sounds. In this recording I am playing my sound creation earth gong with one mallet and several friction mallets which create the space whale like sounds.

It’s called gong to sleep and you can purchase a copy via my gong calendar at

I will be recording more tracks in the coming weeks to help with deep sleep and relaxation. These will also be available direct from me or via my booking page.

As a reminder gong is back on next week January 2022. Start your new year with a gong bath. An ideal time to set your intentions for 2022. Hope to see you soon.

Gong love and blessings and wishing all my friends and clients a happy, healthy, peaceful 2022 filled with joy.

x 🙂 Odette

Gong Flumies

Just received my bear love flumies in the post yesterday. I tested them out on facebook live!! Why not! 🙂

Beautiful spacey sounds. I love working with flumies because you can bring out so many more sounds and tones from the gong. Great bit of advice from Julian gong was to play the back of the gong to avoid marking the gong surface. Here in this example where I am trying out the flumies, I am playing a 26″ Paiste sound creation earth gong. This gong has an uneven surface so probably not the ideal gong for playing flumies but still beautiful spacey sounds. These are definitely going to be my go to flumies, love them. Thanks Bear, amazing, love them.

#flumies #flumie #gongflumie #bearloveflumie

Gong Baths online on zoom

Coming soon the opportunity to attend a gong bath online from the comfort of your own home.  Snuggled up, warm and toasty from the comfort of your own home.  The really awesome thing about it is that you don’t have to get up and negotiate travelling home after the gong bath.

I am really looking forward to be going online with my gongs sometime within the next few weeks.  I am so excited and i have just invested in some of the tech and sound equipment to enhance the sound for live streaming.

Of course it is not the same as a live gong in person and you won’t be able to feel the physical vibrations from the gongs but it is still very effective an being live, i will focus my energy and intention on those who are receiving the gong.

So if you are ready to get ready for the online sessions, you will ideally need good over ear wired headphones for the best quality sound.  I have heard that if you have really good stereo speakers either side of you, that may be a good option also.  it is a real NO to in ear headphones so please bare this in mind.

To be in the loop pop your details in here