Gong to help you sleep mp3 available now.

I recently created a gong meditation recording with the specific aim to help people to fall asleep. This happened purely by chance as I recorded it initially to help my elderly mum fall asleep despite her aches and pains. It worked a treat!! Both my elderly parents, 88 and 97 years young have been enjoying drifting off to sleep or even just relaxing when they need to with my recording.

If you have problems falling asleep or perhaps you have a very busy mind then this might be exactly what you need. It helps if you like gong sounds. In this recording I am playing my sound creation earth gong with one mallet and several friction mallets which create the space whale like sounds.

It’s called gong to sleep and you can purchase a copy via my gong calendar at https://www.londongong.co.uk/gong-bath-schedule-london/

I will be recording more tracks in the coming weeks to help with deep sleep and relaxation. These will also be available direct from me or via my booking page.

As a reminder gong is back on next week January 2022. Start your new year with a gong bath. An ideal time to set your intentions for 2022. Hope to see you soon.

Gong love and blessings and wishing all my friends and clients a happy, healthy, peaceful 2022 filled with joy.

x 🙂 Odette