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Every stressed out city worker needs a gong bath!

I was sent a very interesting article recently from a lawyer friend featured on thelawyer.com entitled “why every stressed out lawyer needs a gong bath” and they do as do other stressed out city workers. What is really needed is regular sessions though to totally benefit.

I had some recent feedback from one of my regulars who mentioned that this is what they need at work and thankfully this is just what I do although not enough of it just yet!  Can you imagine how beneficial it is to end a stressful day in the office with a gong bath, from the desk to the gong meditation space. This is totally a game changer for employees, for businesses, for staff health and well-being and of course productivity would benefit.

The beauty of the gong bath is that no experience or meditation knowledge or know how is required! All the benefits and none of the effort as the instruments do all the work! Deeply relaxing, and for some of my clients the only time they really truly feel completely relaxed, stress free and able to completely let go. Its pretty much like a system reboot for mind, body and soul.

I do believe things are changing but very slowly. One day every workplace will be taking care of their staff with regular gong baths in the office. Right now very forward thinking companies are doing just that! Slowly others are catching on and reaping the benefits ?? Are gong baths the new mindfulness?  Sharing many of the same benefits and more.

Be a forward thinking business who takes staff health, well-being and happiness seriously.  Happy and healthy staff take less time off and are more productive. This too helps to boost employee morale and makes for a pleasant office for everyone who visits or works there.

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