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New Moon Special Laughter and Gong bath experience 11th Aug 2018

Special Active New Moon – Laughter and Gong Bath Experience in Camden – Saturday 11th August 2018  6.30pm-8.00pm
Out with the Old, in with the New. Special extended letting go, release and renewal and restore New Moon Laughter and Gong Bath (laughter release and gong restore and renewal). 
Please come with an open mind to try something a little different. We will be accessing a combination of techniques to help us release using gentle shaking and giggles and laughter.  Laughter can provide a powerful cathartic release for some and can be a very powerful healing tool.
The shaking and laughter will help us to release what does not serve us, the laughter will aid us in opening and reconnecting to joy, connecting to one another and then being in a very open and receiving space for the gong and other therapeutic instruments to work their magic. This is an extended one and a half hour session which will include a full gong bath. 
Odette will be working with various therapeutic laughter techniques including laughter yoga.  We will experience gentle movement and shaking during this session along with extra intra-abdominal pressure from extended deep and hearty laughter.
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What’s the Gong like ?

It’s like a safe, healthy, Alternative High for some, a creativity boost, a total release of stress, or just a release from your usual busy head space. Pure relaxation, and beautiful space to be in , possibly see colours or visions. A special and incredible Healing experience. Different for everyone, and even different each time!!

Fantastic for stress relief, relaxation, insomnia and more. Many people report back as having had ‘the best night’s sleep’ after having attended.

No experience necessary. The Gongs and other instruments do all the work. All that is required is a willingness to accept and receive.

What to Bring

Please bring Mat/Blanket/Cushion and Water. This is important for your comfort and warmth. Seriously please PLEASE it’s your experience, don’t rock up without a mat!!!

If you need a Mat I have just a few at the venue and they can be reserved in advance on a first come basis.

Facilitator:  Odette Kurland is a Gong Healer Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Meditation Faclititator. She has trained with various Gong teachers including Don Conreaux, Abby delSol, Tom Soltran and Sheila Whittaker.


Early Bird £22.00 ends 31st July 11.55pm

Regular £25.00 

Pregnancy (not recommended under 3 months, due to unstable nature of any pregnancy during this first trimester)
– Tinnitus/Menieres/Epilepsy – any condition which is ‘sound sensitive’ or could be triggered by sound
– Metal Implants/pins/screws/pacemaker etc (can resonate the metal and also change rhythm of pacemaker)
Mental health condition (anyone with a serious Mental Health condition)

There are a few extra medical precautions due to the laughter aspect of this evening’s event. It will be a little more active than usual.

It is contraindicated for people suffering from: Any kind of hernia, Heart disease with angina pain, Persistent cough with breathlessness, Uncontrolled high blood pressure, Incontinence of urine, Epilepsy, Advanced (bleeding) piles and haemorrhoids or any bleeding tendencies in any part of the body, Severe backache, Any acute symptoms of cough, cold and fever.  People who have undergone major surgery should wait at least three months before doing Laughter Yoga

If in doubt about any of the precautions or if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with Odette by email or telephone prior to the event date.

Feel free to contact Odette, should you have any questions.

Refund Policy

6.20pm-6.25pm arrivals

Doors locked 6.29pm (due to the nature of the event, late admittance is not an option)

Event starts 6.30pm prompt.

Sorry no refunds for non attendance or late arrivals. However if you can no longer make it, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend. Please informs us by email in advance of the name change for our register.


Laughter Meditation

Laughter Meditation

Lift your Mood, Release and Laugh away the stresses from the week at our Friday Feel Good Laughter Meditation. This one will set you up for the weekend 🙂 


Elevates Mood, Creativity Boost, Stress Release, Strengthens Immune System, Relieves Pain, Energy Boost, Social Connector, Laughing in the face of adversity

Join us for this very powerful De-Stress and Cathartic experience at our special Laughter Meditation. 

Facilitated by Odette Kurland.

Odette is a Laughter Yoga Instructor, Natural Laughter Skills facilitator, Gong Master, Energy Healer and Meditation Teacher.

This new meditation is inspired by Laughter Yoga and has five stages to it.

Checking in – Introductions and playful connection

Laughter is an incredible connector, when you can laugh with a stranger, they are no longer a stranger 🙂 Brief introduction and introductions.

Free flowing Laughter meditation.

This laughter meditation is inspired from Laughter Yoga and for many Laughter Yoga participants, this is often the most powerful part of the laughter yoga session. A space to experience catharsis, release and letting go.

Relaxation Meditation

A deeply relaxing meditation.

Ha Ha Grounding Dance and Breath Awareness 

This is a dance for the dancers and a dance for the non dancers. Anything goes 🙂 Absolutely no rhythm required!!  The dance will include deep breathing techniques, also inspired from Laughter Yoga.

Checking Out – Sharing the experience 

A space to share the experience and how we are feeling


£12 Web Booking

£15 on the Day subject to availability

Important Doors Locked 6.40pm, Buzzers off. Due to the nature of the event, Late entry is not an option. No refunds for those who arrived too late!!  You are welcome to arrive from 6.30pm. 

Other Events 

We have a Gong Meditation at 8.10pm. After the Laughter Meditation you will be in the perfect space to really benefit from the Sound Waves which will wash over you, massaging, cleansing and healing. I highly recommend both events and there is a discount for those attending both. For further info and bookings please see the links below.

To book please visit 

Laughter Meditation only 6.30-7.45pm   Fee £12 web, £15 on the door subject to availability. Doors Locked 6.40pm. Sorry no late admittance. 

Gong Bath only                  8.00-9.15pm Fee £15 web, £20 on the door subject to availability

Laughter and Gong Bath 6.35-9.15pm Fee £22 web, £30 on the door subject to availability

Refund Policy

Sorry no refunds. However if you can no longer make it, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend. Please informs us by email in advance of the name change for our register.

Laughter Meditation and Gong Bath Combi Ticket

Combination Ticket for Laughter Meditation and Gong Bath


Special discounted rate for those attending both events. Must be purchased as a combo ticket in order to receive the discounted rate.

Two very powerful wellbeing wellbeing therapies. The laughter meditation will help you to release and let go allowing you to be in the best possible space to receive and be washed over by the therapeutic sounds.

For event info please see individual events.

Laughter Meditation and Gong Bath

Please arrive between 6.35pm and 6.40pm, allowing at least 5 minutes for registration. The doors are locked and buzzers are off at 6.40pm.

The Laughter Meditation finishes at 7.45pm prompt  where there will be a break and new participants may arrive for the Gong Bath.

If you miss entrance for laughter, doors will re-open for gong attendees at 8pm and locked again at 8.10pm.

Gong Bath starts just after 8.10pm and finishes at 9.15pm .


This is your experience and comfort and warmth are key!  Please bring Mat/Blanket/Cushion and Water. This is important for your comfort and warmth

Refund Policy

Sorry no refunds at all.  It is your responsibility to arrive on time. However if you can no longer make it, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend. Please informs us by email in advance of the name change for our register.


Please bring Mat/Blanket/Cushion and Water. You will need this!!