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Exploring the power of positive words and the physiology of positivity.

This standalone one day workshop will be split in to two parts, The Physiology of Positivity and the Positive power of words.

The Physiology of Positivity

I often talk to people about how they can become happier and more contented by thinking and behaving in different ways. I have also studied laughter where we are told to “fake it till you make it” because the body doesn’t know the difference between real and simulated laughter. This has fascinated me and I have become more and more curious about the mind body connection and how our bodies influence our feelings.

In this experiential interactive workshop I will share with you some information on the bodies influence on our emotional wellbeing and the body – mind connection or as I like to call it the:

In this experiential interactive workshop I will share with you some information on the bodies influence on our emotional wellbeing and the body – mind connection or as I like to call it the: “Physiology of Positivity”

I will reference some of the amazing information Amy Cuddy shared in her Ted talk as well as making reference to NLP eye accessing cues.  Together we will experiment and explore how movement influences us and how some very simple physical adjustments could have a big impact on our emotional wellbeing.

The lead questions we will be exploring are:

  • Does the way we move our body influence how we feel emotionally?
  • What is the connection between doing and feeling?
  • How can you make small changes that could have a big influence over how you think and feel?

The Positive power of words

“Mind your language” I am sure at some point in life we have all heard ourselves saying these words.   Maybe this was because we thought that the language being used was not appropriate due to the negative emotional reactions that those words could evoke.

Therefore we clearly know that the language has a way of creating emotional responses but how often do we consider the impact our everyday language has on us as well as the young people we care for? (My guess is not that often). This workshop is your opportunity to explore your everyday language and consider how this could be influencing your relationships with yourself and others, especially the young people you care for. In this fun and lively workshop you will discover how some small changes to the words you use could have a positive impact on you and others.

This part of the workshop is a simple introduction to the topic of positive language and combines methodologies from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) and TA (Transactional Analysis). The workshop is an introduction to the topic. You will have a positive learning experience and leave with some very simple and practical tools that you can apply straight away and but will also be left curious and wanting to know more.

Experience the power of a word (or two)

  • Gain an understanding of the subliminal messages you could be sending yourself and others.
  • Discover small linguistic changes could a big impact on you and the interactions you have with the people around you.
  • Become self-aware and in a position to choose new language options that will help you and the young people.

This is designed to be a fun and lively workshop including a lot of participant participation and you will be asked to work in groups and pairs.

Your Trainer

Caroline Hart – Life and Laughter Coach & Trainer

A Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer. Creator of the Neuro Laughter Program. An NLP Master Practitioner. A Personal Coaching Specialist with 10 years’ experience and expertise in positive psychology, IEMT Practitioner & research assistant.

As a trainer Caroline exudes positive energy and delivers training that is engaging and uplifting. Her knowledge and passion for her topic is inspiring. Caroline’s warm, friendly approach creates a relaxed and supportive learning environment.