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Laughter Meditation

Laughter Meditation

Lift your Mood, Release and Laugh away the stresses from the week at our Friday Feel Good Laughter Meditation. This one will set you up for the weekend ūüôā¬†


Elevates Mood, Creativity Boost, Stress Release, Strengthens Immune System, Relieves Pain, Energy Boost, Social Connector, Laughing in the face of adversity

Join us for this very powerful De-Stress and Cathartic experience at our special Laughter Meditation. 

Facilitated by Odette Kurland.

Odette is a Laughter Yoga Instructor, Natural Laughter Skills facilitator, Gong Master, Energy Healer and Meditation Teacher.

This new meditation is inspired by Laughter Yoga and has five stages to it.

Checking in – Introductions and playful connection

Laughter is an incredible connector, when you can laugh with a stranger, they are no longer a stranger ūüôā Brief introduction and introductions.

Free flowing Laughter meditation.

This laughter meditation is inspired from Laughter Yoga and for many Laughter Yoga participants, this is often the most powerful part of the laughter yoga session. A space to experience catharsis, release and letting go.

Relaxation Meditation

A deeply relaxing meditation.

Ha Ha Grounding Dance and Breath Awareness 

This is a dance for the dancers and a dance for the non dancers. Anything goes ūüôā Absolutely no rhythm required!! ¬†The dance will include deep breathing techniques, also inspired from Laughter Yoga.

Checking Out РSharing the experience 

A space to share the experience and how we are feeling


£12 Web Booking

£15 on the Day subject to availability

Important Doors Locked 6.40pm, Buzzers off. Due to the nature of the event, Late entry is not an option. No refunds for those who arrived too late!!  You are welcome to arrive from 6.30pm. 

Other Events 

We have a Gong Meditation at 8.10pm. After the Laughter Meditation you will be in the perfect space to really benefit from the Sound Waves which will wash over you, massaging, cleansing and healing. I highly recommend both events and there is a discount for those attending both. For further info and bookings please see the links below.

To book please visit 

Laughter Meditation only 6.30-7.45pm   Fee £12 web, £15 on the door subject to availability. Doors Locked 6.40pm. Sorry no late admittance. 

Gong Bath only                  8.00-9.15pm Fee £15 web, £20 on the door subject to availability

Laughter and Gong Bath 6.35-9.15pm Fee £22 web, £30 on the door subject to availability

Refund Policy

Sorry no refunds. However if you can no longer make it, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend. Please informs us by email in advance of the name change for our register.

Laughter Yoga Saturday 29th April London

Laughter Yoga Wellbeing Workshop

An hour of rib tickling, deep belly laughter including child like playfulness, gibberish, improvisation, complete nonsense, meditation and dancing!

Please note we start promptly for this one hour workshop 10.30am – 11.30am

For the ultimate in relaxation and de-stress why not join us for a Gong Bath Meditation 11.45-12.45pm. For gong meditation tickets please visit http://www.londongong.co.uk/event/gong-bath-meditation-saturday-29th-april-in-archway/

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter yoga is a practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter along with breathing techniques that originate from Yoga. We usually laugh for between 3-5 seconds, in a laughter yoga session we will laugh for between 10-15 minutes, of deep belly laughter. This is the type of laughter that gives us all the health benefits and the benefits will remain with us for a good 24 hours after the session! The body reacts in the same way whether the laughter is forced or natural, releasing the endorphin’s (happy hormones). It is these endorphin’s that kick in and fight stress, boost our immune system and make us feel good in so many ways. Laughter yoga is experienced in groups, with eye contact, yogic breathing and playfulness between participants. All that is required of the participants is a Willingness to Laugh!

Why Laughter Yoga ?

Some of the Benefits

1. Elevates Mood

2. Reduces Stress

3. Strengthens the immune system

4. Relieves Pain

5. Social Connecter and Team Builder

6. Helps to improve efficiency and performance.

7. Energy Boost

8. Laughing through Challenges. It provides strength in adversity, a coping mechanism to help people keep a positive mental attitude regardless of circumstances.

Workshop Facilitator Odette,
Laughter Yoga Leader, Reiki Master, Gong Master and Meditation Facilitator.

What to bring:

Wear something you are comfortable moving in. You may lie on the floor for a short ending mediation so feel free to bring a Yoga/Camping Mat, cushion or you could roll your coat up and improvise! Bring some water. Laughter is thirsty work!

Please consult with your GP before taking on any new exercise classes. Laughter yoga is not suitable if you suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, hernia or if you recently had an operation.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

We run weekly Saturday Morning laughter yoga classes. Please visit our meetup group for bookings https://www.meetup.com/Laughing-Yoga-London/

For more information on our laughter yoga stress relief and team building workshops, please visit our laughter website. We provide our pop up workshops to businesses and private groups.