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Personal Reiki Gong Bath plus recording

Your  personal distance Healing Gong Bath with Reiki healing and recording

Consider this your personal healing gong bath experience just for you.

I will record a one hour reiki and gong bath sound journey experience for you.  I will work with reiki healing symbols as I do for distance healing.

This will be a unique experience for you as I will play the gong with energy focused on you personally.  This works in the same way as a distance healing session. Includes a guided relaxation to begin and optional reiki healing included within the session.

Odette uses various instruments, going being the main one plus whatever she is drawn to for your session which may include rattle, chimes, drum, rain stick and singing bowls++

Recording will be in mp3 format (note this is not a professional recording however it will be better quality to live streaming) and you will be able to enjoy using the recording as often as you like. Best listened to with good quality over ear headphones.

If this is a gift for someone else, please ask their permission for me to include Reiki otherwise I can provide Gong only.

Your personal recording is usually ready within 10 days of ordering.  The recording will be supplied in mp3 format and delivered by email

My fee £148 with Reiki

To order please purchase then send me the following info

Name of the recipient


I work intuitively however if you would like me to add any extra focus to any particular area that will appreciate extra healing please let me know.

This recording will be yours to enjoy as many times as you like.

Odette has trained in various forms of energy healing with her healing journey starting around 25 years ago, firstly with Reiki then Spiritual Healing followed by Rahanni and then Gong.  She has also trained with shamanic teachers in the UK. Completed Reiki Master training 11 years ago. She has since specialised in working with gong and sound baths in more recent years.