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21 days of Joyful Wellbeing

  • Can you do with more laughter in your life?
  • Are you feeling stressed?
  • Can you do with an uplift ?
  • Are you struggling to feel joyful?
  • Would you like to take yourself less seriously?

Re-Connect with Joy and gift yourself a huge positivity boost in 2021! with new go-to tools to help with your health and wellbeing and release stress with really simple but effective tools!

  • This is for you if you love laughter
  • This is for you if you don’t laugh enough
  • This is for you if you are feeling stressed
  • This is for you if you would like to develop a new healthy daily practice which is Fun yet incredibly powerful!!

Learn how to tap in to laughter, joy and positivity as a powerful well-being tool to increase feelings of happiness. This 21 day course will help you feel uplifted, less stressed and connect you with new friends too. You will also have the opportunity to create a new healthy daily practice to take forward in to your life after the course ends.

No prior experience required, just a willingness to go with the process.


good internet connection to connect via zoom with microphone and webcam

commitment and willingness

This is a video on course

Facebook access for private room

This course will include weekly live face to face classes on Zoom

Daily tasks 

Private facebook group

All times are UK London Times however you are welcome to join us from anywhere in the world!

8th March Wed 10th March 7pm
15th March Wed 17th March 7pm
22nd March
29th March 7pm check in/check out
Daily tasks

Your teacher – Odette has trained in various therapeutic laughter techniques including Dr Kataria school of laughter yoga, Sebastian Gendry Laughter Wellness and Joe Hoar Natural Laughter Skills, Meditation and mindfulness with Dr Itai Ivtzan, gong bath healing with various teachers and happiness facilitation with Museum of Happiness. This course will bring in various tools from her wellbeing toolbox with a big focus on creating a new healthy daily practice that you can take forward in to your

Laughter yoga teacher/trainer and laughter ambassador, gong master, meditation and mindfulness teacher and happiness facilitator. Trained over 100 laughter yoga leaders from all over the world and facilitated and lead workshops and classes for members of the public, businesses and charities for many years.

As this course will include laughter yoga techniques which are like a low impact aerobic workout for mind and body! there are some medical contraindications.

Why these new workshops

Very excited to be launching our new workshops to really help people in the long term.  As much as one off sessions here and there are really good for us, this longer term daily commitment will help participants to make real long term changes to help with their wellbeing.

Expecting these workshops to be well attended and very much needed.  The courses are all subject to a minimum of 4 participants.   If for any reason the course does not go ahead, a full refund will be issues.

Spaces are limited.

Medical contraindications

Laughter Yoga is not a substitute for medical consultation for physical, mental and psychological illnesses, but is a powerful natural complementary form of healing. It is like any other aerobic exercise and may not be suitable for everyone as it involves some physical strain and a rise in intra-abdominal pressure.

Some people may have pre-existing medical conditions and one should take reasonable precaution before doing laughter exercises or indeed any form of exercise.

It is contraindicated for people suffering from: Any kind of hernia, Heart disease with angina pain, Persistent cough with breathlessness, Uncontrolled high blood pressure, Incontinence of urine, Epilepsy, Advanced (bleeding) piles and haemorrhoids or any bleeding tendencies in any part of the body, Severe backache, Any acute symptoms of cough, cold and fever.  People who have undergone major surgery should wait at least three months before doing Laughter Yoga.

If in doubt first consult a medical professional for guidance. Anyone undergoing physician-prescribed therapy that experiences improvements through laughter should seek the advice of their doctor before reducing dosage or stopping treatment.

Relative contraindications

Those suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure but are stable on medication and can take a brisk walk for 30 minutes without any symptoms can do Laughter Yoga with advice from medical specialists.

People who have undergone bypass surgery can also do Laughter Yoga after their stress test is normal.  Pregnancy is also a relative contraindication. Women with previous history of miscarriages and also those who are in advanced stage of pregnancy should take medical advice from specialists before doing laughter exercises.  People suffering from minor and major psychiatric disorders can participate in a laughter session except those who are not in touch with reality e.g. schizophrenia, Hyper mania (manic part of bipolar depression)

Course fee for individuals

Early bird £90.00 before 31st December

Regular £110.00

Bespoke courses available for private groups and companies.

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